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David Gehosky has taken some wonderful photos for our medical practice over the years. We used his photos on our website and in printed materials. David is reliable, flexible with his schedule and does truly excellent work. I highly recommend him.
Bill Strouse
Dir. of Finance/CFO
Pinnacle Health Cardiovascular Institute

David’s enthusiasm and perfection never wavered... he captured the colors and fine points of each figure, producing little works of art in themselves.  I am immensely appreciative of his talent, skill, and professionalism, and can unequivocally say, this book would not be here for you to enjoy with David Gehosky’s participation. 

Helen Cohen
Author and Artist of Costumed Dolls
Whimsical Elegance: The Costumed Cat Dolls of Helen Cohen

We never expected to have so much fun with the photography that we just couldn’t help pulling him every which way to to do another photo. David was so patient with everyone and worked so hard to give us everything we asked for and more. Thank you Mr. Gehosky for helping to make the day memorable.

Justin and Kristen

David was so great to work with and he made the photography one of the best parts of our wedding day. His pleasant manner won over everyone even those that hate getting their picture taken.

Mark and Miriam